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A welcome return from lockdown

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After our recent reopening from lockdown, after a number of stressful weeks preparation, we were delighted to welcome back the first group of our current pitched-roofing apprentices.

Alan and Julie have done a terrific job in making the course safe and hygienic

In order to comply with social distancing a number of procedures had to be put in place including the division of our practical training area and redesigning and building of roof rigs.

We were all rather nervous on the first day. However, the lads responded in a responsible manner and put us at ease with their comments at the end of the day.

JD commented: "Really pleased to be back at college! After everything that's happened with Covid-19 in the UK, I thought it might be hard to get the curse back up and running whilst also adhering to social distancing standards and guidelines, but I must say Alan and Julie have done a terrific job in making the course safe and hygienic. All appropriate measures were taken such as temperature check on arrival and the required PPE was given if we had not already brought it with us. Also, thanks to the hard work of Alan, he had re-organised the whole workplace to allow for practical work to be completed securely without inhibiting his first-class training techniques. I'm grateful to be a part of this training programme."

BEL commented: "Thank you for all you have done to keep us safe. I really like being back at college. The way you have put our safety first was nice, thank you."

LP commented: "Everything was safe clean and enjoyable."

Thank you for all you have done to keep us safe

SL commented: "It was a great first day back at college and learning new things. The venue was very well set out with all the correct PPE and all cleaned to very high standard. Will Look forward to the next one."

following social distancing rules

Ensuring social distancing rules, Alan Lander alongside the first returning group post lockdown, to complete the Specialist Applied-Skills Programme SAP (formerly Specialist Apprentice Skills Programme).

Alan would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the employers for their continued support.