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Roof Lead Welding & Bossing Course

lead bossing and weldingThe first hands-on roof training experience in using lead comes in the form of the basic bossing and welding course. Bossing and welding are the two most common skills used by today’s roofers, slaters, tilers and lead-workers.

This LSA-approved roofing course provides a starting point for learning these essential foundations of roof lead-work practice, creating an effective learning experience by teaching in small groups with an emphasis on practical achievement.

On completion of the course, novice roofers should understand the health and safety procedures for working with lead sheet and be able to form lead-work details using bossing and welding techniques.

Who should attend?

Whilst there are no special entry requirements this course would be useful for roofers and building contractors who want to become more skilled in the prefabrication and installation of typical lead flashing details.

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Dates & Venue

Courses are held at our roof training centre in Exeter, Devon. However, a mobile on-site roof training facility is also available. Training dates and course durations are flexible and can be adapted for your circumstances.

What should you bring?

Apprentice roofers should bring safety boots. All the tools, materials, lead sheet required for the roof training course are included as well as refreshments and lunch.

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